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Computer Forensics

HighTechExperts (HTEC)has a proven track record of excellence in electronic evidence recovery, analysis and expert testimony. We work for attorneys, investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement, government agencies, and corporate security/human resources in both civil and criminal proceedings. In many high profile cases, the computer forensic evidence we discovered has provided the crucial evidence needed for a successful outcome. Most Often, solid computer evidence has been instrumental in bringing about a rapid conclusion to what could have been a much longer case. Many cases are settled out of court once the computer evidence has been presented.

Computer Forensics Defined

Computer Forensics is a scientific method of collecting, preserving, analyzing, and presenting computer-related evidence. Computer evidence, often called digital evidence, can be useful in criminal cases, civil disputes, and many other types of litigation proceedings. HTEC has the knowledge, experience and experts to help with all of your Computer Forensics and digital discovery needs.

Data Forensics

Data forensics, often used in discussion with computer forensics, is essentially the study of digital data and how it is created and used for the purpose of an investigation. Data forensics is part of the greater discipline of forensics, in which various types of evidence are studied to investigate an alleged crime involving data or some form of digital media that stores data. HighTechExperts has a unique experience with Data Forensics and tools that help to extract data in such a way that is sometimes considered a form of artificial intelligence.


Case Studies