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About Us

The Leader in Litigation Support and Cybercrime Investigations.

HighTechExperts Consulting (HTEC) was founded in 1996 during the infancy of the electronic discovery market. It is headquartered in the Dallas MetroPlex. It's ability to provide Litigation Support and Expert Testimony is only part of its Service Offering. Our competitive advantage is the company's patent-pending, enterprise search, review and archiving platform, which has the potential to radically change both the Litigation Support and Document Management markets. The flagship software application running on a series of computer clusters, allows HTEC's technology to be faster and cheaper at indexing, retrieval, conversion, metadata extraction, and deletion of large data sets regardless of file format. The combination of Expert Services and Software Solutions, makes HTEC the most advanced Legal Services and Solutions firm in the industry.

HTEC's technology sophistication has its origins in the team's experience with an array of computing systems and data mining solutions while working for several Fortune 500 Companies. HTEC has combined highly educated Expert Professionals with an amazing suite of software tools to provide and unprecedented level of experience and knowledge to the many e-discovery challenges facing the legal profession today. The HTEC team of litigation support experts and products is here to support all of your e-discovery technology needs.


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