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Litigation Support

e-discovery can be a very complex and expensive process. Increasingly, business information exists only in electronic form, and a request for discovery can threaten the operations of an entire corporation, consume weeks or months, and incur enormous fees for processing activities and attorney review. In addition, corporations lack the tools to quickly assess what electronic information is available and its potential confidential nature.

HTEC works with firms and corporations to manage the e-discovery process, develop procedures, and deploy automated tools. We help apply information management best practices to electronic information collections that focus on proactive identification and documentation of information repositories and supporting systems within the corporate environment. Additionally, we provide assistance in the development of standardized litigation processes for document collection from both paper and electronic sources. Our goal is to minimize the risks, costs, and duplicative efforts associated with discovery efforts through providing standardized, documented, and defensible information management procedures. We also assist in selecting and deploying systems, assessing service providers, and managing discovery activities.

We also provide the following services for our clients.

  • Accounting Forensics
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Data Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • e-Discovery Trial Preparation


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